BA Theatre Arts

BA Theatre Arts

Our Bachelor of Arts in theatre program is a generalist degree program that will allow you to study and train in as many different facets of theatre as you wish. It is designed specifically for students who want maximum flexibility in structuring their curricula.

If you want to pursue a career in directing, stage management, arts administration, dramaturgy, cinema, teaching at the secondary or college level, or a graduate degree in one of theatre's academic areas (history, literature or criticism), the Bachelor of Arts will prepare you for postgraduate work or study. As a BA student, you will be eligible for all of the performance and design opportunities available to our BFA students, and you can take advantage of our student production organizations, Ghostlight Repertory Theatre and Ole Miss Student Dance, which offer directing opportunities.

Due to the flexibility of your training, upon graduation you will have the well-rounded liberal arts education that so many employers seek. Your individually tailored course of study, your experiences in performance, design, technology and production, and your academic work in theatre history and literature will give you the skills to transition easily into a variety of careers in theatre and give you the option of pursuing opportunities in many other areas as well.

Students whose primary interest is in performance can train in classes that offer intensive voice and diction work, acting technique training, and scene study work. Students may also choose course work in cinema production and acting, stage combat, advanced movement for actors, musical theatre performance, or dance.

Students whose primary interest is in technical theatre can take courses that train them in stagecraft, costumes, and lighting. They also learn rendering, use of computer assisted design software, and have the opportunity to take more advanced coursework in whichever areas of design or theatre technology most interest them.

Students with a primary interest in cinema may take classes in cinema production, directing, editing, screenwriting or acting. They may also gain valuable experience and resume credits by working on short films produced througout the year by students involved in the Interdisciplinary Cinema Minor.

Students who are interested in stage management, directing, arts administration, dramaturgy, teaching, or a graduate degree in theatre history, criticism, or literature have a full complement of courses in each area to choose from to craft a degree that fits their interests and professional goals , as well as multiple opportunities to direct or stage manage in the Ole Miss Theatre season.